Ultra Kermit Fighters

Ultra Kermit Fighters: Dark Edition is a 2.5D Fighting Game where Kermit faces off against his darkest desires. This game is based off the Kermit meme where Kermit is tempted by a cloaked version of himself. Players take on the role of either Kermit or Dark Kermit and try to slap each other to see who gives in. This meme was interesting because it's all about resisting temptation, which our game reflects because giving into temptation in battle might not prove the best strategy.
I made this game on a team of four students, where I served as the lead game designers, the UI/UX designer, background artist, and a programmer. This game was made using Unity, Maya, Substance Painter 2, and Photoshop.

Action Player 1 Player 2
Move A and D Left and Right
Jump W Up
Slap F .
Block G /
Restart R